What Makes Me Angry This Week

Lance Armstrong makes me angry

I so wanted to believe; boy did I want to believe. I just can no longer believe. Armstrong is a remarkable person: Seven Tour de’ France wins, prostate cancer and the Livestrong Foundation, but he did it by cheating! The only redeeming feature is that it was the culture of the time and everyone was doing it. What makes this even more galling is the strength of his denials. He can no longer deny it and needs to come clean to save the future and integrity of cycling.

Cycling forums are abuzz with the issues and there is a lot of anger because of the lies and a lot of support because of the charity work. I do hope the “Armstrong” brand survives this and the good work continues. I see a number of cyclists in my sports clinic and they all feel the same when I ask them about it.

Podiatrists see cyclists because of problems with the foot alignment that may need orthotics and conditions like mortons neuroma (pinched nerves) and other types of neuropathies due to the compressions from the shoes and the loads on the foot.