What Makes Me Angry This Week

Monthly Archives: December 2012

Plantar Fasciitis ‘magical cures’ touters make me angry

There is no magical cure for plantar fasciitis. There is no secret sauce for plantar fasciitis. On the internet there are plenty of people touting cures for plantar fasciitis. You can tell that they have never actually treated a case of plantar fasciitis in their lives. Plantar fasciitis is easy to treat. All you need […]

Women Make me Angry!

Well not exactly! Let me explain: Chinese foot binding was an old tradition that used to be carried out in rural china. It was really a form of torture. The feet of young girls were tightly bound to stop them growing. This caused a lot of pain and agony. It was done to please men […]

The Autism-Vaccine nutters make me angry

As the father of a child with mild ASD, I take more than a passing interest in the topic. There were some recent Congressional hearings on autism in which the absolute nutters got yet another chance to air their nutty conspiracy theories about vaccines causing autism. These people are the biggest threat to advancing our […]

The Bad Advice from Barefoot Runners Make me Angry

I just operated today on my second case of a barefoot runner with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Neither of them will probably be able to run again as it had progressed beyond stage two and they needed bone work. What they both had in common is they followed online advice from fellow barefoot runners and […]