What Makes Me Angry This Week

Monthly Archives: October 2012

Obamacare makes me angry

The public have been sold a pile of nonsense. Obamacare is not working; is going to raise healthcare costs and stifle innovation. A year ago, 70% of doctors thought it sucks as well. It will probably be higher now! Don’t you think that those on the coal face of delivering health care should be listened […]

Toning shoes make me angry

Why do they make me angry? Not necessarily because there is anything wrong with them, but because of all the promises they make about the health gains you can get from them. they have claimed to cure cellulite; they claim to tone up the butt; and that they can give you an extra workout. The […]

Lance Armstrong makes me angry

I so wanted to believe; boy did I want to believe. I just can no longer believe. Armstrong is a remarkable person: Seven Tour de’ France wins, prostate cancer and the Livestrong Foundation, but he did it by cheating! The only redeeming feature is that it was the culture of the time and everyone was […]